Why use a web editingagency?

The main reasonisthat sites must remaindynamic on the web. The onlyway to achievethisis to add new content such as blog posts for example. Also, adding new content to target a category of people isveryconvenient. Loveitmedia is an experienced web copywriting agency and we can take care of this task.

We write all types of web content for you

  • Blog Articles :
Havinga blog is good, but a fresh blog isbetter. It’s the best way for an Internet user and for yourcustomers to know thatyou are always active. Entrust the writing and publishing of your articles to our editors and benefitfrom SEO-optimizedqualitytextswith the right meta-titles and meta-descriptions.
  • Web page :
Do youneed to add a new page to your site with new content? Do youwant to update the content of your web pages? You are at the right addresswith Loveitmedia. Our team of editors cantake care of itwhilethinking about the naturalreferencing of your site and the design.
  • Product sheets :
The secret to successful online sales lies in twothings: an eye-catchingvisual and a good description of the products for sale. Wetake care of writingyourproductsheets to persuade visitors to buyyourproducts. Wewill put in place a CTA (Call To Action) strategyadapted to any type of sale.

A team of competent, versatile and bilingual copywriters

Entrust the writing of your web content to ourcompetent, versatile and bilingual team of writers. The languagelevel of ourwritersis C1 minium to ensure the quality of the work. They master almostevery possible theme (computers, home renovation, travel and discovery, marketing, insurance, decoration, fashion, health, economy, …) Your content willberich and diversifiedaccording to yourtheme.

Our bilingual team canalso do the contextual translation of your French textsinto English or otherlanguages. Moreover, wecanprovideyouwithtexts in English for your pages, for your blog or for the descriptions of yourproducts.

Choose Loveitmedia for a bettervisibility.

At Loveitmedia, weimplementseveral actions to ensureyourvisibility. Apart from SEO writing whichisal ready very advantageous for the naturalreferencing of your site, our team also masters the technique of netlinking. Alsoknown as link building, thistechnique isuseful to generate more traffic and, more visibility and therefore more ROI (Return on Investment).